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“I always liked sports and active physical movement and for that reason I was never attracted to Yoga.

I thought it was very slow or maybe boring.

In August of 2015 I tried my first yoga class and from that day on I don’t stop practicing yoga regularly.

At first I didn't understand at all why at the end of each class I felt a great joy, tranquility and a feeling of well-being.

With practice and time I began to understand that this inside joy arose when I could connect with myself, with my body, my breathing, my mind and my emotions ...

Yoga is a process, a path, an experience, a feeling, a connection, is learning about oneself, it's the opening of the 5 senses, is our daily behaviour, our relationships, is how we speak, how we eat, is letting go, is making space, is trust, it's the here and now, is seeing every moment as new, is energy, gratitude, vitality...

The practice is in the awareness and in the present moment of everything we do…

Yoga practice involves your whole life!"

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